It Will Happen


James 1:4 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.


Since I am a lifelong Braves fan, I get very excited at the opportunity to go to Truist Park and watch them play.   At one game, I saw an elderly man carrying a glove.  He did not have any children with him so I knew he was carrying it for himself.  He was hoping to snag a foul ball for a souvenir.   Every game I attend I hope to snag a fly ball.  I enter the stadium with that thought in mind.  I think Sandra hopes the camera will show us on the “kiss cam.”  Neither event has ever happened to us, but we expect it will someday just like the elderly man with the glove.

As a child of God, I have some great expectations.  There are spiritual blessings that I long to enjoy.  There are experiences that I anticipate.  Levels of growth that I have not reached are still goals in my walk.  Ultimately, I want to be like Christ.  I know that one day that will happen.  One day I will realize the dreams and visions that God has planted in my heart.  I do not know when they will come to fruition, but I know that they will.  God will not let us down in the area of hopes and dreams.

Have you given up on a dream?  Has Satan convinced you that God will never let you enjoy anticipated blessings?  God is at work in our lives planting desires and then bringing them to pass.  Call on Christ today.  Share with Him that you have not let go of your future blessings.  In His time, you will realize those blessings. “We plant a tree this day and leave the blossoming to God.” (Apples of Gold, Jo Petty, p. 69)