CHILDREN'S NEWS - Katy Phillips


Our children’s department is back up and running. We are so excited to have children back in our church!

We are in need of a 1st-3rd grade Sunday School teacher and can always use help with children’s church. If you are interested in helping out in any way with our children’s ministry, please contact Katy Phillips at 404-234-4197 or send an email to Katy. Thank you.


We are back to Sunday School and normal times for Worship; however, please arrive early for temperature check and continue to wear your mask to enter/exit the building. For 11:00am ONLY Facebook live stream - and our wonderful Audio Team has made the FM Transmitter available for those that would like to come and listen in their car (if you are listening in your car, just look for the volunteer with the pole and bucket to give your Tithe).

If you need to talk to someone or pray with someone contact Katy Phillips